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The EEI-Group of companies is dedicated to providing a wide variety of solutions for demolition contractors' needs. We specialize in tools and equipment designed to handle all demolition projects. Decades of experience in the demolition field have resulted in a company with the right tools for every demolition job.

Our goal is to provide contractors with inovative and unique equipment that allows them to compete in today's economy. We offer a variety of heavy machinery, hydraulic breakers & crushers, buckets, rock splitting mortar, drills, bits, and other attachments. Our engineers will work with you to come up with the best solutions for your jobs.

Enterprising Europa - EEI Group Corporate

Enterprising Europa: Enterprising Europa, Inc (EEI) was started by retired demolition contractor, Roland Jarl, and his wife, Zoya, to help demolition contractors with technical solutions to their problems during these difficult economic times. They wanted to seek out and find the most innovative and unique equipment and attachments and to offer them at reasonable prices. It is their goal to help contractors do their jobs in the most cost effective way. CLICK FOR MORE

Gallmac - A Division of The EEI Group

Gallmac: Gallmac Tool Carrier machinery was the first line of equipment offered by EEI. "Just one machine for every requirement" is more than a saying, it is a fact. From digging to lifting to full scale excavation Gallmac offers a machine/attachment for every job, big or small. The Gallmac Tool Carrier has became familiar to American contractors as the "Italian Army Knife." CLICK FOR MORE

EEI Socomec - A Division of The EEI Group

EEI-Socomec: EEI was selected by SOCOMEC.spa of Italy as the importer and general distributor for all Socomecs products in North America. They offer DMS Medium-Light Duty Breaker, MDO Medium-Heavy Duty Breakers, PDO Series Crushers, and SBV Series Screening Buckets. CLICK FOR MORE

EEI CanAm Rock Drill - A Division of The EEI Group

CanAm Rock Drill: CanAm Rock Drill began as a company that was devoted to meeting the growing demand for mechanized drilling of small diameter holes. The introduction of their MDA-25-A Model was a success because the attachment can be easily fitted on mini-excavators, backhoes and skid steer loaders. Since their founding, CanAm Rock Drill has broadened their product line to include a fully-hydraulic version of the MDA-38 which increased the diameter range for hole drilling. CLICK FOR MORE

RockFrac - A Division of The EEI Group

Rock Frac: RockFrac® rock splitting mortar means quiet rock fracturing and concrete demolition with no vibration or blasting. Rock excavation, quarrying and other controlled demolition with RockFrac® is fast, economical and convenient. It is safe, environmental friendly, non-explosive, easy to use and controllable. Rock splitting mortar is the answer when your job calls for the demolition of rock or concrete by non-explosive or low vibration means. CLICK FOR MORE

EEI Trevi Benne - A Division of The EEI Group

EEI Trevi Benne: Trevi Benne is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of hydraulic attachments for the demolition, recycling, and scrap industries. Like EEI, they reflect an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for the industry. CLICK FOR MORE